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The Culinary Coast visits Lewes Fishhouse

The first stop along Delaware's Culinary Coast is a tasty but unusual one. Instead of a restaurant, we went right to the source for many local restaurants' fresh seafood: Lewes Fishhouse. More than a place to get great, fresh seafood, Lewes Fishhouse is a resource for sea-"foodies" at the beach; from shrimp, clams, crabs and lobster to the freshest fish and even the produce and seasoning to go with it . . Read More

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  • The Culinary Coast visits Lewes Fishhouse

Rita Heikenfeld with AboutEating.com

Rita Heikenfeld with abouteating.com shows you how to prepare a simple Sauteed Salmon Recipe.

Be sure to watch and learn great ways to prepare the seafood you love.

Look for more seafood recipe how-to videos coming soon.

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Lewes Fishhouse TV Commercial

Welcome to our new Videos page. We will be featuring a few different types of videos on our website including our new commercial that you can also see on The Travel Channel and The Food Network. We will also be updating with how-to recipe videos from around the web. Check back often and contact us if there is something you want to see!